Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Opinion on Maryse Right Now

Here is my opinion on where Maryse is currently at in the WWE. Well as you know she is an on screen girlfriend with Ted DiBiase. Honestly I do not like it! First of all not the biggest Ted fan and Maryse ahs less matches, and when she does, WWE makes her loose. But if Maryse had to "date" someone I think it should be The Miz. I think there could be a great storyline of Maryse wanting to be with Miz because he is a WWE Champion!

Okay let's talk matches. Maryse barley has any unless they're battle royals or 6 diva tag team matches! I really miss the days when Maryse had a match (and won) every week! Even though she is heel she probably has most fans of any Diva in WWE. Fans really enjoy her matches and storylines. I personally would love to see Beth become Divas Champion and then have a Maryse/Beth feud. I think that would be very fun and interesting to watch and our sexy lady could becomce and 3rd time Divas Champion, but with WWE, that probably won't happen!

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