Sunday, December 12, 2010

RAW Remider 12/13/10 - Slammy Awards

Yup the weekend is over and Monday is fast approaching! But, on the bright side its time for Monday night RAW! Tomorrow night on RAW is a special 3 hour edition for the WWE Slammy Awards! Now tomorrow to determine the "Diva of the Year" there is going to be a Diva Battle Royal which our girl Maryse will be featured in I'm sure, so cross your fingers she picks up the win!

Why Maryse Should Be diva of the Year: So right now, Maryse isn't the biggest Diva but think back to February when she won the divas Championship for the SECOND time!

Tune into WWE Monday Night RAW tomorrow night on USA Network at 8 PM (Eastern Time)!

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