Wednesday, April 27, 2011

NXT Results 4/26/11

The show started & Maryse & Matt Striker introduced the rookies.

Maryse is talking to Yoshi about her purse that got destroyed. She says she thinks Lucky Cannon did it & screamed in French and she walked off. Then Yoshi's rookie, Byron Saxton says he needs to help him more and Yoshi says he's going to find Maryse's purse.

Maryse is sitting at ringside then Lucky comes up to her and says he didn't destroy the purse.

Byron Saxton VS Lucky Cannon
Maryse is at ringside during the match. At the end Lucky's telling Maryse he didn't touch the purse. Yoshi gets into the ring and causes a DQ.
Winner- Lucky Cannon by DQ.

NOTE- To view the digital's in the gallery click the photos above.

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