Tuesday, May 17, 2011

NXT Results - 5/17/11

The show started a little differenet this week, with Darren VS Titus.

Later in the show Matt Striker is out & introduces Maryse. Then Jakob Novak & JTG have a "battle" against Vladimir & Connor. Maryse & Matt leave the ring when they start to fight.

Backstage Maryse is putting on lip gloss & Yoshi comes in. He askes her if he saw her match & tells her that he won, but she doesn't really care. She shows her the new purse Lucky got her, & talks about the Lousis Vutton one he got her last week. Yoshi gets mad & tells her "she likes things more than people" & breaks up with her. Maryse screams at him that he can't break up with her if they wearn't even in a relationship. Lucky comes in & flirts with Maryse.

Maryse & Matt are by the ring with all the rookies getting ready for the first elimination. Jakob Novak is eliminated.

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