Monday, July 25, 2011

New Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report put up a new post titled "Top 5 Most Overlooked Divas in The Division" & Maryse was ranked at number 3. Here's what they had to say.

The picture of Maryse as Divas Champion sure does feel like awhile ago doesn't it? When Maryse first started out, there didn't appear to be much upside to her. Her character wasn't anything new, her in-ring talent needed work and she had trouble talking on the mic.
Times have changed since her early days in the WWE, and Maryse has become one of the best heels in the divas division and has improved her in-ring and microphone talents immensely in the past few years. It was all of this improvement that lead to her obtaining a significant push and becoming a two-time Divas Champion.
However, since losing the title last year, Maryse has been up to very little. She was Ted Dibiase's manager for awhile, which gave both superstars some airtime, but the storyline never seemed to go anywhere. After parting ways with Dibiase, Maryse has been seen in the ring even less than before. Her latest in-ring appearance was May 2nd against Kelly Kelly, which ended with Maryse being manhandled by Kharma.


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