Tuesday, July 26, 2011

RAW Results - 7/25/11

 Mayse & Melina are in the ring & Maryse's song is playing. Kelly Kelly & Eve make there entrance. Maryse & Eve start off. Eve controls mostly. Maryse gets Eve to the corner & mocks Kelly Kelly by doing her move the Stink Face. Maryse tags Melina. Then Kelly gets tagged in. Kelly totally controls Melina. She runs to Maryse to knock her off the apron & Maryse ducks, Kelly spanks her & she falls. Kelly then mocks Maryse by doing her hair flip. Kelly does a move & covers Melina, Maryse breaks up the pin. Eve attacks Maryse. K2 to Melina.

Winners: Kelly Kelly & Eve Torres

Personal Thoughts: I really enjoyed this match. First off we got to see Maryse on RAW which is rare now & she teamed up with Melina! I love there chemistry together! I also loved the heat between Maryse & Kelly Kelly, how they mocked each other! I really hope this leads to a feud!

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