Friday, August 26, 2011

Maryse Surgery Updates!

 Hello Planet Sexy! So, as you know Maryse had her surgery  this past Wednesday & it went great!

She posted these two new TwitPic's to her Twitter - one of herself with the nurses & one of her "boo boo" as she called it on Twitter.

Maryse posted this message to her official Facebook telling her fans how the surgery went: "I am home now, and feeling good, still very tired from the anesthesia, but its normal, i will be posting pics of my tummy when they remove the bandages, my doctor did an amazing job and the scar should be very small in my belly button! be sexy"

Glad Maryse's surgery went smoothly & I hope she has a fast & easy recovery!

You can view the two TwitPic's in the gallery - here

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