Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Top 5 Favorite Maryse Moments - #5: Ted DiBiase hires Maryse

Welcome to "Top 5 Favorite Maryse Moments"! I'll post one everyday till I get to #1! So, without further or do, Moment #5......

June 21, 2010- Backstage Ted DiBiase is talking to Virgil. Ted tells him that he's letting him go & has someone knew to take his place. He tells them to come in... and who is it? The one & only Maryse! She speaks French to Virgil. "What will you do for protection?" Virgil asks (meaning protection from bigger, meaner WWE Superstars). "I'll go to the drug store!" Ted replies. The crowd laughs & the new Million Dollar WWE Couple leave.

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