Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Maryse - Birthday Project

Happy Birthday to the one & only, the Sexiest of Sexy, Maryse Ouellet! I would like to say I hope you have a wonderful day. I hope you get some chocolate cake, cupcakes & maybe even a new pair of Louboutins! LOL! Best wishes from MaryseSexy! Joyeux anniversaire! Bisous & Be Sexy!
(Photo from FrenchKissMaryse.com!)

Here is my big present to Maryse! PlanetSexy has been sending birthday messages for Maryse, and here they are!
~ Brian (@marysefan4life1): happy birthday maryse this is your day the most beautiful and sexy women in the world get lots of gifts and chocolate cupcakes your favorites :)

~ Sarah (@sarahwayne_): Maryse, le 21 Janvier 2012 s'approche à grand pas, alors je te souhaite un heureux et merveilleux anniversaire en avance pour tes 29 ans. J'espère que tes projets ainsi que tes rêves vont se réaliser, en espérant aussi que la chance soit avec toi pour ta vie future. Je te souhaite pleins de belles choses dans ta vie et tout le bonheur du monde car tu le mérite, tu es une femme vraiment formidable avec un grand coeur, un coeur en or. Sache que tout tes fans seront toujours derrière toi pour te soutenir quoi qu'il arrive. Continue de nous faire rêver avec ta beauté, et reste la femme exceptionnelle que tu es. Je t'envoie mille bisous de la France, et je te souhaite de nouveau un joyeux anniversaire. Love, happiness, money, and especially health! Enjoy your 29th birthday. Much love and support from France! Take care, I love you ♥. - Sarah. [@sarahwayne_ on Twitter].

~ Marco (@PlanetMaryse):  Happy Birthday Maryse Ouellet <3 I just want to say that you're my idol & inspiration and each and everyday you make a difference in my life. Your positive attitude towards life truly makes me feel more positive about mine. Thank you for always making me smile, I'll always support you! I hope you have the best birthday ever cause you deserve it more than anyone, I hope you get the gifts you wanted and the presence of your family & friends. Happy 29th Birthday and more birthdays to come! I can't wait to see more of you in 2012! Love you! From Marco a.k.a @PlanetMaryse

(Photo from Marco)

~ Deppie (@TheMaryseFan)Happy Birthday Maryse!!! On this day I'm more than glad you were born. May all your wishes come true and have an amazing time... Much love from your Greek fans!

(Photo from Deppie)

~ Catherine (@CetherineNikita): Hi Maryse!!! And a Happy Birthday to You! WWE Isnt the same without you and never will be but anyway, you are simply awesome, just like the miz says! You Rock 2012!! #BeSexy  - Lots of Love

~ Martin (@MartinKoch1982): Hey Maryse! Happy Birthday to you. Many greetings from Germany

~ Raghad (@TheFrenchPoodle): Take a break, crank the tunes, dance & shake, light the candle, cut the cake, simply great!! Happy b-day

~ Sean: (@LlamaWhisperer): Salut Maryse! Je veux dire que je t'aime et j'espere que tu as une anniversaire tres joyeux! J'espere que tu recevois beaucoup des chaussures ;) Be Sexy!

~ Nick (@FearlessRiOT): Happy Birthday, Maryse! January birthdays rock and I'm damn proud to share a birthmonth with you. And remember: I support you in whatever you do. Happy Birthday!

~ RedBen (@MaryseOnRadio): Bonne fête Maryse ! Je te souhaite beaucoup de santé et de succès dans tes futurs projets, je sais que tu en aura ! I wish you Louboutins, dresses and a lot of chocolate ! Have fun, happy birthday & stay sexy !

~ Bri (@xMizfitMaryse): Happy 29th Birthday, Maryse! I hope you have an amazing birthday. You deserve it. I love you, gorgeous!
(Photo from Bri. The note she's holding says Happy Birthday Maryse)

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