Wednesday, May 16, 2012

SexyAwards - The Results!

Over the past few days Planet Sexy has been voting on the Sexy Awards. These are awards dedicated to Maryse's best moments, matches etc in the WWE. I want to say thank you to everyone who voted & without further or do, here are the results!

Best Storyline: The winner is... 1st Divas Championship Reign.

Best WWE Feud: The winner is... Michelle McCool.

Best Finisher: The winner is... French Kiss DDT.

Best On-Screen Romance: The winner is... The Miz.

Best WWE Match: The winner is... Maryse VS Michelle McCool Divas Championship Match 12/26/08

Favorite Taunt: The winner is... hairlfip.

OMG Moment: The winner is... Maryse gets unexpectedly released from WWE in October 2011

-Once again thank you to everyone who voted. Also I want to say a thank you to my friend Luis for designing this special Sexy Awards photo.

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