Friday, April 29, 2011

New Site Addition - Fan of the Month - Apply Now!

Hey everyone! Well I have decided to add something new to the site called "Fan of The Month." Every month, starting in May, I will pick one Maryse fan to be the Fan of The Month. The fan of the month will be chosen & then added to the side bar in the "Fan of The Month" section as well as a post about you. To apply read the rules below

Rules & Info How to Apply-
When Applying Be Sure to Include
Name: Only send me your FIRST NAME.
Where You Live: Your state or country or both,
Your Twitter Username: Please leave your Twitter username if you have one.
Why You Love Maryse: Write one paragraph of why you love Maryse & why you deserve to be the fan of the month for this month (May). It should be about 3-5 sentences & it will be posted to your fan of the month section & post.

All applications sent in for May Fan of The Month must be sent in by Sunday! I will choose the May Fan of The Month Sunday as well. Any applications sent after Sunday, I will count as June Fan of The Month applications. Thanks everyone!

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