Tuesday, April 12, 2011

NXT Results 4/12/11

NXT started with a very good Maryse promo of whats happened with her so far this season as she's co-hosted NXT. Matt Striker asks her if she choose to stay with Ted or stay on NXT. She chooses NXT. Then she helps introduce the rookies for there next challenge and gets hit on again by Lucky Cannon.

Then while Lucky is hitting on Maryse, Yoshi comes out. Lucky challenges Yoshi to a match and he except, & Lucky invites Maryse to come ringside.

Yoshi Tatsu VS Lucky Cannon and Maryse at the commentary table. Yoshi gets the pin.
Winner: Yoshi Tatsu
After the match Maryse gets onto the ring and kisses Yoshi on the lips & he gets very excited. Then NXT ends.

Very good NXT this week in the opinion of myself & the rest of the Maryse fans. After not getting to see her much on RAW its great to see NXT kinda circled around her. Now, I could care less for the Yoshi storyline because Maryse should be doing better things, but you take what you can get right?

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