Tuesday, April 12, 2011

NXT Spoilers 4/12/11

Below are NXT spoilers of what Maryse will be doing on NXT tonight. Be sure to tune in on the nxt.wwe.com!
If you wanna know what happens highlight, if not, don't highlight.

*Maryse comes out and says if she has to pick between NXT and Ted DiBiase, she picked NXT.
Titus O'Neil scores 801 to win and gain 4 Redemption Points. Lucky Cannon, who refused to compete, starts hitting on Maryse.
*Yoshi Tatsu comes out and Cannon challenges him to a match. Tatsu accepts. Lucky invites Maryse to be at ringside.
*Yoshi Tatsu defeated Lucky Cannon. After the match, Marsye kisses Tatsu on the lips and he is ecstatic.
Source: PWInsider.com

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